Submission Rules

Web listing directories is a free limited basic service website.  We make your directory submissions targeted to end user, not to influence search results.

We at have established some of the best practices followed by top notch web directories like DMoz and Yahoo Directory. Please read through the information carefully before submitting to our directory. Any violation to these terms will result in rejection of your submission.

Terms of Submissions

  1. Our directory is Search Engine friendly. Avoid using your keywords in submission title. We are bound to edit / delete any submission with only keywords in their title. Instead use a friendly ‘Business Name’ in your title.
  2. Descriptions of your submission should be non-sales, unique and friendly. Always try to use third person speech while narrating your website. Try not to hype your website as world class provider unless and until your website is really world class.
  3. Selection of appropriate categories is vital. Try not to submit to top categories unless you purchase upgraded listing and your website is comprehensive.
  4. We do not accept websites of the following categories:
    • Adult / Porn / Escort
    • Illegal – Websites supporting child labor, harassment, terrorism etc.,
    • Malfunctioning websites
    • Websites affected by malware, spyware and virus.
  5. We have rights to move or modify your listing at any point of time with or without notice.

Terms of Quality

  1. Websites that are added to Free Online Directory needs to have substantial value to end user. These values can be in terms of content, product, reviews and reports etc.,
  2. We do not accept websites that are created for earning money aka MFA.
  3. We do not accept websites that has more ads compared to useful content.
  4. We do not accept thin affiliate websites.
  5. We do not accept websites that has more copied content when compared to original content.

Refund Policy

We have a strict no-refund policy. Any purchase of paid submission is treated as purchase of editor’s time and we offer no guarantee that paid submissions will be accepted for sure. We review the listings and approve listings as per the terms of submission and terms of quality which is detailed above.